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Every year more than 3 million children witness family violence and the cycle is handed down from one generation to the next. This familial learning imprints and leaves permanent scars in the hearts where innocence once lived. Family violence is literally beating the hope, joy and love out of our kids. Traumatized children and the emotional complications that result are heavily costing society. More children are being tried as adults and incarcerated, we are filling juvenile detention centers faster than we can build them, foster care is on the rise and mental detectors are needed just to go to school. We are in an epidemic and something needs to be done. Family abuse is senseless and preventable. Since 1996, CHANCE (Changing How Adults Nurture Children’s Egos), a non-profit organization has worked with agencies and families to teach replacement skills so children can regain their childhood. Our mission is to make family violence socially unacceptable for the sake of the children.

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